The original goal for The Chef Scrolls has always been to post videos for cooking to a YouTube channel for viewers to see, engage with, and learn from. That’s still my main goal, and I’ve recorded a host of raw footage for various food videos, which needs to be edited and put online.

But the tale grew in the making, to misuse the phrase. Our Chef Scrolls Instagram account was a good thing to start, but it’s clear that while pictures are good, video clips are better. So we’re beginning to work on some Reels clips in Instagram as well.

And then we decided to rebuild and re-introduce The Chef Scrolls sister websites, not only Jabberwock Winery but several other sites in the Mammoth Concepts family. This was also when we decided to include Jabberwock winemaking in our Youtube Channel.

So, people have asked me what exactly is The Chef Scrolls and what makes it compelling? They’ve also asked what the “Scrolls” part of our name means. Continue reading “A Work in Progress Behind the Scenes”

South Carolina Pork BBQ (mustard-based)

This is a lighter take on barbecue—it’s sweet mustard-based. It’s also done in a slow cooker to make things easier, which is the reason for the use of liquid smoke. The Splenda or Stevia is to make the sauce lower calorie and lower carb.

This is at first glance one of our more involved recipes, but take your time and walk through it. You will be glad you did, and your friends whom you choose to share this with will be amazed.


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