The original goal for The Chef Scrolls has always been to post videos for cooking to a YouTube channel for viewers to see, engage with, and learn from. That’s still my main goal, and I’ve recorded a host of raw footage for various food videos, which needs to be edited and put online.

But the tale grew in the making, to misuse the phrase. Our Chef Scrolls Instagram account was a good thing to start, but it’s clear that while pictures are good, video clips are better. So we’re beginning to work on some Reels clips in Instagram as well.

And then we decided to rebuild and re-introduce The Chef Scrolls sister websites, not only Jabberwock Winery but several other sites in the Mammoth Concepts family. This was also when we decided to include Jabberwock winemaking in our Youtube Channel.

So, people have asked me what exactly is The Chef Scrolls and what makes it compelling? They’ve also asked what the “Scrolls” part of our name means.

Here’s the lowdown. The Chef Scrolls is dedicated first and foremost to the belief that anyone can learn to create amazing meals—as good or better than the dishes in fine restaurants—without buying expensive ingredients or spending hours of time. We want to show viewers the simple tactics they can use to get a great meal on the table quickly and cheaply. The Scrolls part of our name is a play on the farce that true cooking is some unreachable talent available only to the ultra studious who spend years studying secret scrolls about the hidden skills of master chefs.

Nothing could be further from the truth, and the Chef Scrolls is here to show that no secret tomes are needed to make good food and enjoy it.

We discovered along the way that there are times when you might like to know how to make some more complex meals, or create food from raw ingredients, or see how kitchen gadgets can be fun and valuable to use.

Therefore, The Chef Scrolls will present the following types of videos:

  • The Skinny — These are cooking tips and tricks that are the essentials, quick ways to make meals that delight the taste buds.
  • Hacks — The tips and techniques that either save you time in the kitchen or make something that you wouldn’t think of or expect, but taste great.
  • Deep Dives — For viewers who’d like to see how to make food from raw ingredients. Sometimes the Deep Dives are simple, and sometimes complex, but they are always ways to use or make raw ingredients for your meals.
  • Tools and Devices — These demonstrate the tools you can use in the kitchen to help you make terrific food. You truly need very little in the way of tools to make tasty meals, but there are a ton of kitchen gadgets out there, and we’ll show them to you. Most chefs have their base tools and then some preferred gadgets that they like and use. You can make up your own mind what you’d like to use after watching us.
  • Cooking from Staples — These are lifelong skills, an approach to making meals that rejects the “menu” approach for the “meal starters” approach, a base of talent that you can develop to make almost any meal you feel like at any time in minutes from whatever you have in your fridge and pantry.
  • Wine — Oh, and there’s wine. We’ve decided to include our award winning winemaking techniques for viewers to make their own fine vino for friends and family or as gifts.You’ll be surprised how straightforward it can be, if you follow the right process.

We’ll be posting a video that in part discusses the topics in this post, but in the meantime head over to Mammoth Concepts and check out the Lifestyle Websites page on our sister sites, especially the LifeSoma blog on health and nutrition. Cheers!

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